Vets Against Brachycephalism

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70 Related Professionals

Related professionals in alphabetical order, the two countries denoting country of training and current residence;

1 Ms Maite Alcala Veterinary Assistant Spain UK

2 Dr Daniel Allen Animal Geographer, PhD, Teaching and Research Fellow UK UK

3 Mr Leigh Allen VN UK UK

4 Miss Elinor Asp Tauni Vet.Student Sweden Sweden

5 Miss Carrie Ball ACC Dip PBC Cert Pet Bereavement BC VCA UK UK

6 Ms Kristi Benson CTC, MA USA Canada

7 Claire Bessant CEO International Cat Care UK UK

8 Mrs Linda Beumer Student Netherlands Netherlands

9 Lord (Guy) Black Lord Black of Brentwood UK UK

10 Ms Lien Boogaerts Final year student veterinary medicine Belgium Belgium

11 Dr Natasha Boyland BSc in Biological Sciences, MSc in Animal Behaviour, PhD in Animal Behaviour UK UK

12 Mrs Donna Brander BSC(Hons). Certified Clinical Animal Behaviourist CCAB. UK UK

13 Mr Andre Brenn (Haylock) BVSc- In Progress UK UK

14 Mrs Roz Cresswell Rescue Worker UK UK

15 Mrs Gea Daniels Dog handler, student silverlinde Netherlands Netherlands

16 Miss Laura Davies Bsc Biovet Science student and VCA UK UK

17 Mr Bram Deserranno Veterinary student Belgium Belgium

18 Mrs Jean Donaldson CDBC, BSc USA UK

19 Miss Sophie Dupont Vet student Belgium Belgium

20 Miss Cristina Enache Vet student Romania Romania

21 Ms Jeanette Feledi Teacher Sweden UK

22 Mr Friedrich Florent groomer-breeder France France

23 Dr Sian Foch-Gatrell PhD UK UK

24 Ms Emily Fowler Pet journalist and writer UK UK

25 Miss Emily Freeman BVMedSci UK UK

26 Dr Samantha Gaines BSc (Hons) MSc,Head of Companion Animals, RSPCA UK UK

27 Mrs Rebecca George BSocSci UK UK

28 Miss Jessica Halliwell BSc animal science UK UK

29 Miss Deanna Hammond MSc in clinical animal behaviour  UK UK

30 Ms Jemima Harrison Campaign for the Responsible Use of Flat-Faced Animals (CRUFFA) UK UK

31 Dr Naomi Harvey BSc, PhD, Zoologist, Ethologist, Specialist in Animal Behaviour and Welfare UK UK

32 Dr Benjamin Jacobs Student Post Graduate Course Companion Animal Welfare and Behaviour Belgium UK

33 Dr Kimberley Jayne PhD Animal Behaviour UK UK

34 Miss Anja Kaasa vet student Hungary Norway

35 Miss Martyna Kaluga Veterinary student Poland Poland

36 Dr Andrew Kelly BSc(Hons), PhD CEO ISPCA Ireland Ireland

37 Ms Ida Kornevi Vet student UK UK

38 Miss Malwina Kramska BSc (Hons) Bioveterinary Science, current BVetMed student UK UK

39 Mrs Roxanne Landuyt Student Belgium Belgium

40 Mr Christian Lecoutier BSc Hons Bio Veterinary Science UK UK

41 Mr Tanis Line Veterinary Student UK UK

42 Ms Kan Leng Mac Veterinary Student UK Macau SAR China

43 Miss Kirsty McCallan PDTI dog training instructor, canine behaviour diploma UK UK

44 Dorothy McKeegan Senior lecturer in Animal Welfare, BSc MSc PhD UK UK

45 Miss Rebecca Mckown BSc Bioveterinary Science and MSc Veterinary Science (Infection and Immunity) UK UK

46 Mrs Marga Megens Breeder Netherlands UK

47 Miss Lorena Muzzupappa Veterinany student Italy Italy

48 Dr Susannah O’Hanlon PhD, MSc UK UK

49 Mrs Tracy Oakes MAAT MCMI UK UK

50 Chris Packham Wildlife TV presenter UK UK

51 Mr James Peard BSc (Hons) Bioveterinary Sciences, Veterinary Student UK UK

52 Ms Els Peeters MSc Biology, Ethologist, cat specialist, vice-president Feline Welfare Foundation, lector-researcher Odisee University College, owner Comme Chez Chat Belgium Belgium

53 Miss Emma Plant Veterinary student UK UK

54 Mr Fabian Rivers Undergrad Vet Medicine Czech Republic UK

55 Dr Eeva Rudbäck DVM Finland UK

56 Miss Isabelle Sach Vet Student UK UK

57 Dr Toni Shephard PhD in Animal Behaviour UK UK

58 Ms Veronica Sherwood In addition to volunteering with a large environmental organisation alongside vets and vet techs, I work with federal government to protect species at risk and Atlantic Ecosystems and those that dwell there – Environment and Climate Canada Canada

59 Dr Anton Sorokin Student Russia UK

60 Mrs Lynn Stone Cat behaviourist and Cat Adoption Centre Manager UK France

61 Michaela Strachan Wildlife TV presenter UK South Africa

62 Ms Shannon Street Veterinary student UK UK

63 Rachel Todd CEO RWAF

64 Mrs Debora Toonssen Canine massage, Canine Behaviour specialist & Dog Handler Netherlands Netherlands

65 Mrs Chiara Travaglino veterinary student Italy Italy

66 Miss Martina Valentini Visentin Vet student Italy Italy

67 Miss Laurence Vanlandeghem Student of Veterinaire medicine Belgium Belgium

68 Miss Kamila Walczak engineer zootechnic, vet student Poland Poland

69 Miss Helen Walsh Dog trainee Sweden Sweden

70 Miss Linda Werme Vet student Sweden UK