Vets Against Brachycephalism

Striving for better animal welfare

47 Veterinary Students

Veterinary students, listed in alphabetical order, the two countries denoting country of training and current residence;

1 Miss Marzia Antonellis Student Italy Italy

2 Miss Elinor Asp Tauni Vet.Student Sweden Sweden

3 Ms Anja Becher Student Germany Germany

4 Mrs Linda Beumer Student Netherlands Netherlands

5 Ms Lien Boogaerts Final year student veterinary medicine Belgium Belgium

6 Ms Adina Bradu Veterinary Medicine Romania Romania

7 Mr Andre Brenn (Haylock) BVSc- In Progress UK UK

8 Ms Amelia Davidson Vet Student UK UK

9 Mr Bram Deserranno Veterinary student Belgium Belgium

10 Ms Laura Diehl Cand. Vet. Med. Germany Germany

11 Miss Sophie Dupont Vet student Belgium Belgium

12 Miss Cristina Enache Vet student Romania Romania

13 Miss Anna-Maria Ettel Student Germany UK

14 Ms Gloria Fornfeist Student Germany UK

15 Ms Veronica Garcia Veterinary Student – Clinical Years UK UK

16 Ms Rebekka Grampp Studying veterinary medicine, Germany Germany

17 Ms Christin Heimann Student Germany Germany

18 Miss Emily Hochkins BVM&S Student UK UK

19 Miss Anja Kaasa vet student Hungary Norway

20 Miss Martyna Kaluga Veterinary student Poland Poland

21 Miss Marlene Köninger Student Germany Germany

22 Ms Ida Kornevi Vet student UK UK

23 Miss Paulina Krimann Veterinary Student Germany Germany

24 Mrs Roxanne Landuyt Student Belgium Belgium

25 Ms Aimée Lieberum Vet student Germany UK

26 Mr Tanis Line Veterinary Student UK UK

27 Ms Kan Leng Mac Veterinary Student UK Macau SAR China

28 Miss Lisa Martin Student Germany Germany

29 Miss Clara Moreno Cooper Veterinary Medicine UK UK

30 Mrs Jana Motzkau Vet student Germany UK

31 Miss Lorena Muzzupappa Veterinany student Italy Italy

32 Mr James Peard BSc (Hons) Bioveterinary Sciences, Veterinary Student UK UK

33 Miss Emma Plant Veterinary student UK UK

34 Ms Ela Russell BVM&S Student UK UK

35 Miss Isabelle Sach Vet Student UK UK

36 Miss Annemarie Schreiber Vet Student Germany Germany

37 Dr Vera Sommerer Vet Student Germany Germany

38 Dr Anton Sorokin Student Russia UK

39 Ms Shannon Street Veterinary student UK UK

40 Ms Marie-Luise Temm Veterinary Student Germany Germany

41 Mrs Chiara Travaglino veterinary student Italy Italy

42 Miss Martina Valentini Visentin Vet student Italy Italy

43 Miss Laurence Vanlandeghem Student of Veterinaire medicine Belgium Belgium

44 Miss Kamila Walczak engineer zootechnic, vet student Poland Poland

45 Ms Anna Walter Student of Veterinary Medicine Germany Germany

46 Miss Linda Werme Vet student Sweden UK

47 Mrs Marie Ziegler Vet student Germany UK